The Adventures of Pinocchio

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All over the world recognize and love Pinocchio. The one who courageously lives adventures overcomes obstacles, learns necessary lessons, takes risks, and sacrifices his life generously to save his father. This gesture of love makes him worthy of becoming a real boy... and leaves forever his wood doll status. This book is complete with 470 pages, illustrations, and indexes to help you find your favorite chapter. 

Specifications: Ribbed Outer Spine, Hardbound, Ribbon Bookmarker. New.
Easy to read without magnifying glasses. A great addition to any collection of small and miniature books.

Edited by Alberto Briceño Editores S.R.L
Language: English First Reprint of the First Edition, May 2014, Lima Peru 

Dimensions: (width x height x depth):  0.84 x 2.65 x 2.00 inches (2.13 x 6.67 x 5.10 cm)470 Pages