Mundo Mágico (micro)

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This tiny hardcover features 40 illustrations of magical and fantastic animals as dragons, mythological creatures as the ocean nymph Leucasia, goblins, fairy tales and more.Este micro libro de pasta dura tiene alreadedor de 40 ilustraciones del mundo mágico, animales fantasticos, criaturas de la mitología, cuentos de hadas, etc.

Specifications: Ribbed Outer Spine, Hardbound. New.Easy to read without magnifying glasses. A great addition to any collection of small and miniature books. Edited by Alberto Briceño Editores S.R.L

Language: ESpanish (also available in English, "Magical World")

Dimensions: (width x height x depth):  0.84 x 2.65 x 2.00 inches (2.13 x 6.67 x 5.10 cm)80 Pages (40 pages are illustrated)