La Odisea (Homero) set 2 books with stand

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New Set of 2 Miniature Books La Odisea

Ribbed Outer Spine
Ribbon Bookmarker
Hardbound, New!


  • Beautifully made books with color, page borders, and page divider.
  • Each book measures 5 x 6 x 2 cm
  • Each book has 413 pages
  • Part 1: El increible regreso del heroe griego Odiseo a su tierra, la isla de Itaca. Revive un viaje lleno de extraordinarias aventuras, dioses vengativos, hombres perversos, y seres fantasticos. Obstaculos qu durante diez anos, gracias a su ingenio, logra superar. ( The incredible return of the greek heroe Odysseus to his home land, the island of Ithica. Relive a trip filled with adventures, gods filled with revenge, bad men, and powerful beeings. Obstacles that for ten years, thanks to his inginuity, he is able to overcome)
  • Part 2: Se testigo del decisivo momento en el que Odiseo consuma su venganza, asesinando a cada uno de los pretendientes y reecontrandose con su fiel esposa Penelope, luego de veinte anos de su triste espera. Cautiva con el impactante y emotivo desenlace. ( Be a witness to the moment in which Odysseus completes his revenge by killing every prospect and meeting up with his faithful wife Penelope, after twenty years of his sad wait)

100 % Readable, written in Spanish
A great addition for any miniature-book collector, a great companion or an excellent gift!

Lima Peru
Binding Hardbound
Publication year: 2009