Holy Bible with Pedestal

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New Holy Bible, Full Version King James

Ribbed Outer Spine, Ribbon Book-marker, Hardbound 
Includes Wooden pedestal.


Readable with magnifier, written in English. This is the Full Version, King James. Contains the Old Testament, the New testament. 
A great addition for any miniature-book collector, a great companion or an excellent gift!


Dimensions for the book:  2.5"H x 0.75 "W x 1 7/8" D ( 6.5cm x 2.0cm x 4.5cm) 
Dimensions for the stand: 6.1"H x 2.76 "W x 3.54" D ( 15.5cm x 7.0cm x 9cm)

Binding: Hardbound, 439 pages, some illustrations in b/w.
Publication year: 2010. Lima Peru