El Néctar del Tao Te Ching

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This is a small version of "El Nectar del Tao Te Ching"  written in Spanish, 304 pages,  totally legible without magnifying glasses. Each page has approximately 30 words. Esta es una versión pequeña de "El Nectar del Tao The Ching" escrita en español, 304 páginas totalmente legibles sin lupas. Cada página tiene aproximadamente 30 palabras. Specifications: Ribbed Outer Spine, Hardbound, Ribbon Book-marker. New.Easy to read without magnifying glasses. A great addition to any collection of small and miniature books. Edited by Alberto Briceño Editores S.R.LLanguage: SpanishFirst Edition, 2011, Lima Peru Dimensions: (width x height x depth):  1.4"H x 0.65 "W x 1" D ( 3.55cm x 1.65cm x 2.54cm) 304 Pages