Children's Bible set.

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New Testament:

Jesus is an example for children around the world. His love for Mankind knew no bounds. Get to know his life. Discover the wisdom of his words and surprise yourself with his miracles. 

Old Testament:

Get fascinated with the most beautiful tales of the Bible. Discover how the world was created and enjoy several stories, narrated and illustrated with originality and beauty.   

Specifications: Ribbed Outer Spine, Hardbound, Ribbon Bookmarker. New.

Easy to read without magnifying glasses. A great addition to any collection of small and miniature books.
Edited by Alberto Briceño Editores S.R.L
Language: English 
First Edition, August 2010 , Lima Peru 
Dimensions: (width x height x depth):  0.84 x 2.65 x 2.00 inches (2.13 x 6.67 x 5.10 cm)435 each Volume